Terapia Células NK – Tratamiento de Cáncer

Natural Killer Cell Therapy (NK Cell Therapy) – Immunotherapy Cancer Treatment

Natural Killer cell therapy (NK cell therapy) is a type of immunotherapy cancer treatment used to kill cancerous or infected cells. This form of immunotherapy is a treatment based on the kind of T-cell group commonly known as lymphocytes which play a key role in the immune system´s response capabilities. The autologous killer cell therapy process involves the activation of killer cells and the infusion of these cells into the patient´s body.

Natural Killer (NK) cells are innate immune cells which lyse infected and malignantly transformed cells (cancer cells) by cytotoxic activity. Cytotoxic NK cells contain high numbers of secretory granules which store and release death inducing proteins such as perforin and granzymes. Perforin facilitates the delivery of serine proteases known as granzymes into the target cell by forming a pore either on the endosome or plasma membrane of the target cell. The granzymes released activate three distinct pathways of apoptosis in the target cell. In humans, granzyme B (GrzB) and granzyme A (GrzA) are the most potent activators of apoptosis (cancer/infected cell death). NK cells also initiate target cell apoptosis (cancer/infected cell death) through tumour necrosis factor (TNF) ligands expressed on NK cells to induce apoptosis.

Our Natural Killer Cell Therapy allows for an increase of activated immune cells which act as the bodies army to begin their assault on unwanted cells such as cancer cells.

In culture we can grow billions of activated natural killer cells to enhance the immune system, fight against bacteria & viruses, and attack cancer cells.

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