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Immune Cells Therapy & Body Cells Storage

Immune Cells Banking

Patients with a cancer diagnosis have a compromised immune cell population that can be treated with immunotherapy. The efficacy of your immune system decreases with age (this is called immuno-scenescence), and it makes perfect sense to preserve your healthy immune cells as early in life as possible before potential damaging diseases may appear.

ImmuneCells21 can perform a complete analysis of your immune system (Immune Activity Test) to determine whether you have a healthy immune system which can be cryo-preserved now (to be used at a time when you really need it in the future). If your test results show that you have an unhealthy immune system we perform immune cells therapy to improve the immune cell activity prior to cryo-preservation of the healthy cells.

What Can My Immune Cells Be Used For?


You can use your immune cells in the future for immunotherapy, an established ‘anti-cancer’ and ‘anti-virus’ treatment.

We are seeing a large number of age related medical conditions very strongly connected to an under-functioning immune system. Being able to top up your immune system with younger, healthy and fully active immune cells act as a a real anti-aging treatment.

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Why Immune Cells Banking Now?

By the time we reach the end of our teenage life, our body´s immune system is typically fully mature and it operates at optimum level. However, as we get older the immune system begins to deplete in effectiveness and there is an exponential increase in vulnerability to age related illnesses, viral infections or life threatening diseases such as cancer.

New immunotherapy scientific breakthroughs are proving that by collecting cells when they are healthy, these can be preserved and stored for long periods of time, so in the event that a serious illness appears later in life these healthy cells can be used to boost the immune system and fight disease effectively (this is commonly known as Adoptive Immunotherapy).

This form of treatment can be used to treat a wide variety of cancers including lung, skin, prostate, brain, kidney, liver and pancreas, as well as leukaemia’s and chronic viral infections such as HIV/AIDS.

Equally, immunotherapy can be used in the elderly to boost their immune system and prevent advanced aging.

Immune Cells Therapy Process:

How are immune cells collected? A sample of blood is collected from the patient, just like any standard blood donor system that operates around the world. Blood collected is then processed and the cells which provide your immune defence system (white blood cells) are extracted and separated into a number of different samples. These white cells are cryogenically preserved (deep frozen) at minus 196 degrees and then cryo-stored in liquid nitrogen vapour freezers which are secured and alarmed for safety purposes at our state-of-the-art medical facilities.

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