Immune Cell Banking

The ability of our immune system to protect our bodies against new threats, by generating and activating new immune cells, declines rapidly with age. Through the cryopreservation of healthy immune cells, ImmuneCells21 customers can use their own, cyrogenically frozen “younger” immune cells as a future resource for immune intervention or immune system reconstitution.

Family Immune Cell Banking 

The health of our families is in most cases the highest priority focus of us all. Imagine having the peace of mind each of your family members have the ability to maintain a healthy immune system throughout their life! Now it is possible.

As a family or individual, we can create multiple batches of optimised immune cells and cryogenically freeze these cells. These young acting and optimised immune cells give a protection like no other to our loved ones. 


The cryopreservation of immune cells is routine, and clinical protocols exist for the infusion of banked immune cells. ImmuneCells21 will provide our patients with a comprehensive set of immune cell services including the cryogenic storage of their immune cells, and ongoing access and updates to the latest developments in immune cell therapy. We are committed to supporting the development of future immune therapies, and will provide the opportunity for patients to participate.


Blood Collect & Cell Culture

From the patients blood we will culture six batches of their immune cells. Each batch of cultured cells averages 2 billion in numbers and are analysed for characterisation and quality controls.


Optimisation & Freezing

Each batch of NK cells are put through the NK21 optimisation protocol to enhance their cytotoxic and immune stimulatory abilities. The cells are then cryogenically frozen.


Immunotherapy Treatments

At any stage if our patients suffer from low immunity or the unfortunate development of Cancer, they can utalize their stored optimised NK cells as a theraputic treatment.

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