NK Cells for Cancer

Natural Killer Cells are a key tool in modern cancer treatments. NK Cells have a number of mechanisms which can target an assault of cancers and increase the bodies immune response to cancer cells. Combining NK cells with Photodynamic therapy gives one of the most promising treatment approaches towards various forms of Cancer.

How Can NK Cells Treat Cancer?

NK cells are “first responders” that rapidly detect and attack virus-infected cells and tumor cells. They go on the attack before T cells are deployed and puncture holes in the membranes of target cells, then inject enzymes that trigger the cells to self-destruct. They also can eliminate cancer stem cells circulating in the body, helping to prevent metastasis.

Although they can go on the defense quickly and attack tumor cells directly, NK cells are a small part of the immune system, making up only 10 percent of white blood cells. Cancer patients’ own NK cells are reduced in number and don’t function very effectively. Increasing the numbers of activated and optimised NK cells in circulation increases the level of potential success in treating cancer.

In the Video you will see NK Cells Targeting and Killing Cancer Cells.

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